Picture House


Britannia Music Site is M&G’s fourth investor-housebuilder agreement and part of their commitment to create 2338 new homes from 2013. We were challenged to create one look suited to the growing group of urban livers in the area, to be delivered in one phase over a short period of time between completion and launch. 


Our dedicated BTR designer Danielle immersed herself in the unique local culture and urban geography of the area, getting under the skin of both the architectural vision and target customers. Danielle and the buying team worked hand-in-hand to secure the best possible prices from British and European suppliers, ensuring that every element was delivered to budget and time. 


A modern look with bright and bold pieces was designed for the scheme to reflect the vibe of the area. After two smooth sailing installation days, Covid-19 put a halt to the delivery schedule late March 2020. However within a week of re-instruction from M&G once lockdown was lifted for construction, the full installation of 70 units was completed in 16 days, even with a reduced number of installers possible on site in keeping with to new health and safety measures.


The success of the Hatch and M&G partnership has created new movement from within the local surrounding areas to this new Ilford site. Tenants from older BTR schemes are wanting something more modern but within the same location and with M&G property and Hatch interiors this is new development offers that.