Fizzy Hayes


Creating stand out against other BTR sites in the area is a major concern. For Fizzy their Hayes site pitched them directly against a key competitor, in an area in the early stages of regeneration. The challenge was to use interiors to win the lettings battle, reducing letting times and attracting Fizzy’s target high-calibre tenants. All this while installing in a phased programme, often with tight turnaround times, and tiptoeing around the filming of a TV show!


Bringing modern Fizzy Living to life was key. Their young urban audience loves clever space-saving storage and pets – so we catered for both! Each piece was sourced with this distinct site in mind, with all opportunities for storage grasped and robust pet friendly fabrics and furniture used throughout. A tight budget meant really working our sources to secure those inspiring pieces that would make Fizzy stand out.


74 units were delivered across four phases, with the first phase being only four months from the receipt of the initial pitch document.  The install schedule reflected the take up of apartments, meaning just two day’s notice in some instances, but ensuring that funds were allocated as needed and completed apartments didn’t lie empty. Our ability to work sensitively and with minimal impact was also demonstrated as Channel 4 filmed their show The Circle in one of the blocks while install was underway. 


A highly successful project delivered against challenging business priorities. Our ability to create a strong competitive product, that attracts tenants through their lifestyle and interests, but is delivered to budget and with flexible deployment has secured a long term relationship with this important partner.