Tips to help as the property search moves online

From a potential tenant over 500 miles away, to another on their 30-minute lunchbreak, virtual viewings are becoming the new first-step in finding your next home. Alongside the many build-to-rent companies already offering virtual tours, many more firms across the property sector have started offering this service. And with social distancing looking like it might be with us for a while, now is the perfect chance to perfect your virtual presence.  

Be it a 360 degree walk through, a video tour, or Facetime we want to help you make your property look its best and stand out from the crowd. That’s where these tips from our Interior Designers at Inko will help. 

1.Make the bed 

There's nothing worse than looking at a boring mattress that was not designed to be on show! Add a simple linen pack to the bed to make the room look comforting and complete. The added height it will add to the flat space really improves photography too.  

2. Solid colours opposed to patterns  

When dressing sofas and beds with cushions and throws some patterns can appear glitchy on camera, so it's best to avoid patterned pieces for virtual tours. Stick to solid colour options instead.  

3.Go bold  

Whilst white is a great base colour for walls, it should be not be overused when dressing an apartment. White and pastel colours can appear washed out and blend in with the background, so it's best to go big and bold with larger bright colours such as greens, fuchsias and oranges.  

4.Don’t over accessorize  

Too many accessories can overwhelm a space and make it look smaller. Stick with a few bigger pieces to create a sense of scale for the viewer. Fresh flowers on the dining table and coffee table books are a great way to do this.  

5.Colour psychology 

We all know that yellow is a popular colour used to sell houses, as it’s bright, fresh and associated with hope. But there are other colours that can help, including blues and greens. Blue is the colour of trust and is thought to create calm and reduce anxiety. Green creates harmony and balance, it's also a great colour to use when not a lot of natural lighting is available, adding an organic and peaceful atmosphere. 

6.Lights, camera, action 

The right lighting can create a special atmosphere. Before you start your virtual tour make sure you turn on all the bedside lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights. This way you can show off how bright and airy the apartment can be as well as how cosy it can be when the ceiling lights are turned off.  

At Hatch we offer a dressing and photography service to support property owners and agents looking to make a great first impression virtually. Speak to our team of experts to see how they could help you with an effective virtual experience.