Thinking furnishing for rental property? Think purchasing.

As a landlord, the chances of you having to face that ‘what’s the best option to furnish my rental property?’ question is pretty high. You may have your own competing factors to balance before deciding to buy furniture or rent it, such as available funds, what the furniture is being used for in the property, and the duration of the tenancy. But in the main, it is widely accepted that buying furniture is the most efficient and economic option, with these three factors featuring (in no particular order) as our most high ranking.

1) Costs, time and energy

The reality is that rental furniture means, at minimum, you will have to return the items after the rental period! For many, this is an instant no-no, however, it may suit a short-term let of a prime property being styled up to market and sell.

Buying furniture can often save you a large slice of your overall outgoings for any given tenancy term. With a Hatch furniture package delivery and installation is included at no extra cost. Making this one-off purchase can also be emotionally draining than sourcing and trusting a reputable rental company, entering into an agreement and looking after those annoying rental fees.

Simply put, buying is the furniture solution in a stroke. One decision. One cost. It simplifies everything and unlike renting furniture, your items will have a sell-on value so it shouldn’t be too difficult to advertise them on sites including and You can even donate unwanted pieces to local charities.

2) Think functional

Finding a collection of furniture that truly represents what you are looking for is the dream ticket. We crave that mix of colour, texture and design influenced by our own personality and the type of tenants we would like to attract. Buying furniture is a commitment so it’s worth dedicating time to style, substance and the duration of the property let. A basic but durable range may well meet the demands of a student house, where ware and tare can be high.                                                                                

The tenancy may also be for a long time, so you don’t want to be tied into a furniture rental agreement that ends up costing more than if you had bought the items in the first place. Renting may also incur additional costs to damaged goods, but if you own the furniture you can consider including this as a term in your property let agreement and pass any expense on to your tenant.

3) Fuss free

The key to furnishing success is simplicity. If you seek an instant, long-term solution without having to fulfil monthly obligations, buying a furniture pack is the overwhelming no brainer. The entire process can be as quick as you want to make it. Today, it only takes a few clicks to find exactly what you want online, and even fewer clicks to buy it. No agreements. No monthly bills. Job done.