Serviced Apartments: Creating a home-away-from home

In the last five years, the stream of newcomers to the serviced apartment industry has set innovators such as Airbnb against the major players like Roomspace, and has taken the number of landlords through the roof. With operators vying for attention for their apartments in a supremely competitive market, interiors have become an essential battleground.

The pressure is on if landlords are to keep abreast of their underlining desire to maximise occupancy and room rates to secure the best return on their investment. Travellers bombarded by choice are becoming more discerning, and the reality is that decisions are made within the first few seconds of a guest stepping into an apartment, or even the few clicks on website images.

Today, guests from all over the world have never had it so good and are spoilt for choice with the widest selection in tastes and themed-up apartments to explore and experience. No longer can an apartment just wing it on a convenient location and minimal furnishing, nor can an agent’s brand or client base be relied on to guarantee full occupancy. The new generation of work and leisure travellers seek a space that is relevant to them, practical for their needs and one that captures the heart: making it a home-away-from home.

Increasingly, landlords are turning to experts in commercial interiors and hospitality to bring a creative but business-focused approach to their challenge. In particular Hatch, with our 20 years in commercial property and recent successful track-record in the boutique hotel sector, is seen as the perfect partner for the serviced apartments sector.

Hatch Interiors is a leading UK company which prides itself in taking, realising and exceeding every landlord’s expectations. Listening plays a big role in our long-term success and our sustained, strong commercial track record. Each project is unique and we work closely with property owners and agents to understand their individual offering and the motivations of their target tenants.

At Hatch we pride ourselves in selling property, not furniture.  Working in close partnership with the owner or agent we create interiors that drive up occupancy and average room rates, creating a space that resonates with target clients. Attractive to look at, our interiors are also easy to maintain and practical: robust enough to stand up to frequent use. They create a point of difference in a competitive market and improve client satisfaction: delivering more 5* reviews.

Hatch Interiors is all about living and breathing that difference. Our M25 warehouse holds stock for 200 properties. Our proven installation team delivers a true turnkey service, including the disposal of wrappings. Our environmental commitment includes a pledge of zero waste to landfill and a focus on European sourcing to address pollution.

Against this backdrop, our in-house interior design team Inko delivers outstanding visions by creating longstanding partnerships with private landlords, serviced apartment operators and boutique hotels.

The one constant that Hatch brings is the ability to harness creativity to deliver tangible financial reward: supporting each property owner and agent through the process, every step of the way.