Meet the designer

Get to know our Head of Creative Stephanie Koball.

1. What made you want to get into the design industry? 

The obsession started early on with a love of art and design supplies, making scrapbooks and collecting piles of oil pastels and paints from an early age. It’s all I ever asked for at Christmas! 

During University and my early career, I went into Architecture as I also have a strong interest in technical design and building form. I soon realised, when working in an Architectural practice, that the in-house Interior Design team had a colourful, fast-paced and challenging role. I learnt that this job role would utilise all of my existing skills whilst allowing more creative freedom and exposure to a wider range of clients.

2. What’s your favourite project you have worked on at Inko? 

My favourite projects tend to involve lots of bespoke pieces. I love designing fitted cabinetry, joinery and upholstery, specifying finishes and drawing up details. 

One of my early projects involved the complete refurbishment of a Mayfair Townhouse. It was a dream project for any interior designer as the client was really open to all of our suggestions, we transformed the property including a complete interior furnishing scheme. Everything was bespoke and handmade in the UK, I was responsible for the FF&E throughout and assisted with the project management of contractors from start to finish.

3. What’s your favourite type of project to work on? 

Difficult question…I love how bold and creative you can be in Show home design, coming up with new ideas and memorable elements to help a developer leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. 

Equally, owner occupier collaborations can be incredibly rewarding as you really get to know your client over the course of a project, helping them to realise their vision and create a home is a great experience. 

4. What interior trend has caught your eye right now? 

I am in the process of designing a nursery in my own home and have loved researching and gathering imagery of different possible themes. I would say a trend that I am keen to incorporate is the Natural Boho look, with macramé wall hangings, woven textiles with thick threads and rich earthy tones such as terracotta and ochre. 

I would like to add depth by using a bold wallpaper and I am loving the pattern and palette seen in Ferm Livings ‘Fruiticana’ range so will be adding some fun fruit-inspired touches too!

5. What do you think of the Pantone Colour for 2020? 

Classic Blue is an interesting shade as it can be used as a punchy and bold accent in certain settings, whilst being a tranquil and calming tone in others. 

When it comes down to colour psychology, something we have really been focusing on recently at Inko, Classic Blue holds healing properties for the mind, it represents the soothing forces of the sky at dusk, relieves stress and brings about calm. 

I can see this tone featuring in our contemporary and mid-century inspired schemes, where colour blocking and abstract prints are key! It would be amazing to paint an entire room in this shade, bringing drama to a Bedroom or Home Office with high ceilings and period details. 

6. What does your average day look like? 

Each and every day is different, which keeps us on our toes, I could be on a site survey, styling a finished installation or pitching a scheme to a client on any day of the week! 

On a typical day in the office, I start out by checking our business pipeline for new opportunities, before considering how each project should be best managed. I tend to have a catch up with Inko team one on one or as a group to discuss progress on projects and offer support. 

I attend meetings with management or the marketing team, followed by design studio time in the afternoon!

7. What is your favourite fictional interior? 


8. Dream Home? 

My dream home would be a property with some history and heritage, refurbished to include lots of large glazed openings, a double height living 

space and a calm, contemporary interior. A Converted barn or Victorian Pump House surrounded by lots of open space would be perfect. 

9. Define your personal style? 

Elegant, carefully considered. I like to push myself to use creative colour combinations and prints, to keep things interesting! 

10. Finally, to chop or not chop the cushion? 

Always chop! I can’t stand up from a sofa without chopping, it’s a reflex.