Meet the designer

Get to know our Senior Interior Designer Hannah Lodge.

1. What made you want to get into the design industry?

A family friend had their own small interior design business and shop, I started to work there at 15 and helped her out with clients. We went to trade fairs on weekends and I fell in love with what she did. My mum was always creative too and did quirky things around the house, like adding trimming to lampshades, making pelmets for curtains and customising furniture. So, I guess I got my creativeness from her too. All my life wanted to be a dancer but swapped careers and would never look back.

2. What’s your favourite project you have worked on at Inko?

My favourite project would have to be where the client is really involved and can see the vision of what you are showing them. It’s nice when they let you take the lead of designing bespoke pieces, such as media wall panelling, headboards and furniture. As well as helping with the FFE, which includes finishes of the kitchen, flooring and bathroom specification. I really enjoyed working on Floral Court, which hasn’t been installed yet. The property was in the middle of Covent Garden above Petersham Nurseries and was a converted 18th-century fire station. The character of the lobby and features just oozed luxury, its surrounding area was so beautiful too and the property overlooked floral court which was lovely. It really didn’t feel like you were in London in this property.

3. What’s your favourite type of project to work on?

High-end residential projects - the whole project from just a space to making it a luxury home. I love researching and specifying the luxury wallpaper, textiles, FF&E and finishes on the furniture. It gets me so excited. The higher the budget the happier the designer

4. What interior trend has caught your eye right now?

Soho Home have just done a collection with Anthropology for A/W 2019 and I am loving the quirkiness of the items. The different use of finishes, fabrics and shapes make their pieces a real statement. 

Also flicking through this month’s Elle magazine, the abstract expression page really caught my eye. The detailing on the abstract fabrics with a mixture of jewel tones and charcoal wall backdrop. This creates a real dramatic, rich, luxury look.

Lastly, I am loving Sofa and Chairs new collection ‘’Hamilton Conte’’ launched this month. Inspired by a variety of different cultures, the collection oozes luxury with a twist. My favourite pieces are the Archibald sofa, the shape of the back of the sofa is unique and I am excited to use this in a current scheme I’m working on. I also like the Windsor chair; I think this piece would really bring transparency to a reception area or communal area. It’s something a bit out of the ordinary - a modern interpretation with a classic twist.

5. What do you think of the predicted neo mint colour trend for 2020?

I would say it is like marmite, I think it will work in some interiors spaces such as large communal area, commercial units, retail etc. It will bring an aspect of fun and youthfulness, softness throughout interiors but I can say It won’t be my chosen colour to be used in a design scheme.

6. What does your average day look like? 

My average day starts from the moment I wake up. I am always thinking of schemes and running ideas through my head. Pinterest is a daily part of my life; I love pinning new ideas and inspiration. After completing a few admin tasks in the morning and having our daily creative meeting we schedule leads and design concepts for the week ahead. I then pop my earphones in, have some good music on and start the design concept. With fabrics and magazine pull-outs scattered all over my desk, I sketch furniture ideas, and the vision becomes reality on my mood boards. I end the day with showing my scheme to colleagues and asking for their critique and ideas on what I have completed. From drawing up floor plans, elevations of bespoke furniture and wall panelling to rummaging around in the sample room putting colours and textures together. Every day as a designer is different.

7. What is your favourite fictional interior? 

Cher's wardrobe in Clueless is my idea of heaven!  The high-tech closet had a computer that would put together outfits, then spit them out for her to wear. She could go through insane amounts of clothing without ever having to try anything on (eliminating that inevitable mess/tornado of clothes left on the floor once you've finally found the perfect look for the occasion). Her Checked two-piece is my favourite outfit that her wardrobe produced for her.

8. Dream Home?

My dream home would be a modern beach house on a Caribbean island, directly next to the ocean. Where the sand meets your back yard and your house stands out from all the others in the street. Tranquil and modern with a touch of luxury! I like properties with a lot of glass, natural lighting and exposure to the outside. Outside living and entraining would be a must for my dream home. Sunken fire pits, an infinity pool and open-air dining, who wouldn’t say no. The interior on the inside would consist of a large marble kitchen, grey washed chevron flooring and floating fireplace. I would also have a few quirky pieces of furniture with brass finishing. I love brass mixed with light tones. And of course, the amazing walk-in wardrobe would be a must.

9. Define your personal style?

Elegant, luxurious, the bolder the better sometimes, with a touch of glam.

10. Finally to chop or not chop the cushion?

All cushions should be chopped to perfection, it makes a sofa looked complete, sumptuous and luxurious. I have a habitat of chopping my family and friends' cushions when I am in their houses without even realising now!