Invest in the best to secure top tenants

We offer several outstanding furniture pack ranges at Hatch Interiors, with a concept for every budget, but there are times when you really need to make a statement and maximise your investment. And that’s where the Westwood comes in.

 This package is ideal for prime apartments in prestigious locations, the kind of place where tenants are expecting a certain standard of interior fit-out, furniture and colour palette - and where landlords and letting agents are looking to achieve the highest value-added premium rents.

 Created in collaboration with our talented in-house design team Inko, the Westwood comes in two ‘looks’ devised to suit the specific features and characteristics of any apartment.

 Select either super-glamourous modern luxe or a contemporary industrial vibe. And expect premium-quality sofas, armchairs, dining sets, beds and all the essential finishing touches to add depth, texture and vibrancy to every room.

 Choosing the Westwood means you are carefully anticipating what these high-end renters hope for in their homes. In an ever-more crowded marketplace this is crucial; the Build to Rent (BTR) phenomenon has raised the bar for tenant expectations.

 Especially in London and other major cities such as Manchester and Birmingham, BTR has brought serious competition into the marketplace. However, with good taste and attention to detail, you’re stepping ahead of all those BTR developments with their impressive communal facilities such as dog-friendly cafes and on-site gyms but a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to interior design.

 And as you’ll appreciate, satisfied tenants mean fewer void periods. This is more important than ever now as new mortgage tax rules and the tenant fee ban are starting to make their presence felt in the market.

 The most important priority is to make your property memorable, says interior design expert Stephanie Koball, who’s Head of Creative at Hatch Interiors: “And I would say that accessories and colour are vital to creating a lasting first impression. Many BTR schemes may include a basic inventory of furniture only, and this can often be comprised of fairly neutral pieces.

 “But with the Westwood, you have the opportunity to make your property really stand out with the use of accent colours - for example the rich marine-blue of our velvet Hugo sofa or the pastel mint shade of our luxe Moulin feature chair.

“Even a small injection of statement colour seen in cushions and artwork brings life to any space, and our new soft furnishings element makes it so easy to visualise and explore different on-trend palettes. I would seriously advise being brave and bold and creating an interior with some impact.”

 Trust our judgement. At Hatch Interiors, we have more than 20 years’ experience in providing well-considered furniture packages and creating bespoke interior design schemes.

 We’ve built our reputation on delivering a high standard of excellence and unrivalled customer care. And we’ve done this by constantly keeping ahead of the curve and offering our clients the best interior design trends as soon as they hit the ground.