Interior Design Trend Predictions 2021

We asked our Inko by Hatch Creative Director, Jenna, her thoughts on what 2021 will bring in terms of design trends...

Interior design in 2020 has been awash with themes of wellbeing and working from home. What trends and needs do you think we will see emerge in 2021?

With lockdown life being our key focus for trends I feel that 2021 is the year to look ahead. Although the pandemic will still stay with us for years to come this will be a highlight in trends and not the main event. 

People are excited to show their personalities to the world and we think that will come across with unusual silhouettes and a retro-inspired aesthetic. Furniture pieces that enable high levels of functionality as we need them to work harder as more people are choosing to work flexibly in the future. Bold colours and playful prints with luxurious textures.

Stimulating wellbeing will still be a trend as we are all still adjusting and healing from the big shifts in our lives. Our mental health as a nation will be a priority but in a more energised way.  We will see areas of tranquillity in our homes with the use of natural materials, charred woods and colours that bring a sense of relaxation but counteracted with playful eccentric elements and sculptural pieces bring glamour to the modern home. Punchy and impactful one off’s. Reusing old pieces to make new ones to show resourcefulness. 

With our social calendars getting busier we see a need for our homes to bring efficiency and order to our lives. Living smarter with new storage solutions and expression through styling.

It’s going to be a great year for interior design, we are very excited for 2021.