Inko Trend Predictions 2020

Material Insight…

All Things Sustainable

Thanks to its eco credentials, bamboo, along with rattan and wicker, will continue to feature heavily in 2020 in wallpapers, furniture and even flooring.

The more environmentally conscious consumer will have a keen interest in natural materials, waste reduction & product life-cycle. Our Inko team of designers will proactively incorporate sustainable pieces into our work.

Filtering through from the catwalks of 2019, sustainably sourced sheepskin fleece will start to feature in statement upholstery and accessories. This is a trend that we love and first spotted it during the Shanghai furniture shows in Autumn 2019 on sofas, armchairs and stools! We are very excited to use this new texture in upcoming project palettes!

Furniture Form…

Curved Edges

European inspired sweeping lines and circles will dominate furniture form in the year to come. Curved edges on statement pieces such as sofas and cabinetry are looking set to be a firm favourite, whilst organic shapes will make their way onto textiles and artworks giving a softer, gentle aesthetic.

A free-spirited energy will be the outcome when these pieces, utilising shapes inspired by the abstract expressionist movement, are used in conjunction with a punchy, vibrant colour palette.


Warmth, Earth, Verdure

The new decade will see us continuing to move away from the cool grey tones, introducing more neutrals with a warm base.

The range of trending colours look to be quite varied however the rich earthy, natural colour palette is certainly here to stay. Green schemes are set to be ever popular, combined with pale blonde timbers resonating with sustainability, nature and vegetation. Different shades of green can bring about feelings of calm, tranquillity or freshness. All qualities that are very much desirable in the fast-paced lifestyle of today.

A refreshing new shade to watch out for this year is Chartreuse, which will be seen creeping into textile prints and home accessories in the first instance. This bold green tone will complement darker shades of green, deep navy blues and off-blacks in a memorable, vibrant scheme!

Stephanie Koball, Head of Creative