Hatch ‘blue glove’ service reassures residents

Hatch has long been known for its turnkey ‘white glove’ service: furnishing and dressing properties so they are resident-ready, right down to the teaspoons. But never has this one-stop service been more relevant than now.

 Whether they are owner-occupiers moving into a new home, or tenants taking on a new lease, residents will be rightly worried about the risk posed by multiple deliveries of furniture and furnishings, and the lack of service that the new ‘doorstep and no further’ delivery policy creates. Hatch has the ability to furnish and dress properties to reflect any taste or price-point, delivering and installing every item – from blinds, through sofas, to tea cups – typically in a single delivery. All items are fully installed by Hatch installers following strict health and safety guidelines, and the property artfully dressed before every surface is wiped clean.

 Critically Hatch can install into empty properties – including those awaiting completion – enabling property owners and developers to give their residents the reassurance that the 72 hour contamination period has passed before they move in and the property is Covid-19 free by their arrival.

 If you would like to speak to our team about arranging single-visit installations, please contact us at sales@hatchinteriors.co.uk.