Half of babies are now born to families renting

A new analysis from Royal London has revealed, approximately 365,000 babies in the UK are now born into rental accommodation. With the number of families now renting increased by 94% in the past decade, it is clear that generation rent is quickly turning into generation parent. 

The rising cost of house prices and renting has put homeownership out of reach for many, meaning that renting is increasingly becoming a long-term tenure. As a result of this, the private rental sector have started to accommodate more for families. With more secure long term rental agreements, focus on community events and family friendly apartments.

At Hatch, as well as the addition of nurseries and children's rooms to our furniture ranges, we also offer a baby proofing service. Covering everything from installing cordless blinds, mounting TVs securely on walls, fitting childproof sockets and providing cabinet locks. Offering a stress free, turnkey service for those ready to put down their roots and turn their apartment into a family home.