Fizzy apartment makeover with Hatch interiors

After countless viewings across west London, engineer Fabio Madeira, and his family found their perfect home at Fizzy Hayes. The family moved to the UK from Brazil in December 2018 and were looking for a bright, airy apartment with good transport connections and high-quality furnishings.

The Madeira’s had the opportunity to put their personal touch on the home after they won a design competition in partnership with Fizzy Living. Unlike other landlords, Fizzy Living allow residents to decorate their home as they choose, with no permission needed to put up pictures, change furniture or reconfigure a room.

Renters are usually short-changed by private landlords and often have to live with mismatched, tired furniture. At Fizzy we recognise the needs of private renters and positively encourage our renters to reflect their personalities and hobbies in their home”, comments Sophie Newman-Lau, Head of Sales and Marketing at Fizzy Living.

With £4,500, the family worked closely with our design team to add some finishing touches to their hallway and living room. They also chose some innovative storage solutions for their six-year-old son’s bedroom. Fabio comments: “He used to tell me his room was a mess because he had nowhere to put his toys and books, so with Hatch’s guidance we put up a bookshelf and a range of boxes for all of his things. Now he has no excuses for a messy room!

Located in the Old Vinyl Factory, Fizzy Hayes is part of the regeneration of Hayes and Harlington. Once complete, the development will provide new homes, office buildings, restaurants and gyms as well as a live music venue in homage to the heritage of the site.

Jodie Wardell, Head of BTR at Hatch Interiors said: “At Hatch we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of both the landlord and tenant. We commend Fizzy’s ethos in allowing renters to decorate and making a house a home. Our service is always bespoke, and we were so pleased to be able to take it one step further and offer Fabio and his family the opportunity to curate their living space to suit them. We’re delighted that they are happy and look forward to our continued partnership with Fizzy Living.