Design Tips To Make Your Interior Cosy for Winter

Winter is very much upon us, so it’s time to make your interior feel warmer and cosier for the colder months as you begin to embrace the indoors more often.

No matter whether you enjoy snuggling under a blanket, or reading a book by the fire, creating the right atmosphere for your interior is essential. By embracing the chillier weather and incorporating some of these design elements, you can truly transform your space and discover what a difference they can make to turn your home into a cosy haven.

how to make interior cosy

Incorporate warmer colours

With the clocks going back and the dark nights drawing in, it’s time to start incorporating more seasonal colours to bring some extra warmth into your home to combat the lower temperatures. These shades include those in the red, orange, and yellow families. So, if you stick to that side of the colour wheel you will have an abundance of cosy, Earthy tones to choose from. Adding these colour accents to complement any cooler tones will make the space feel more inviting with a warm glow; creating the perfect cosy interior for you and your household to enjoy throughout the winter.

cosy interior lighting

Ambient lighting

As the nights get longer, this time of year is truly the perfect time to take advantage of lighting and create a cosy feel to beat the winter blues. To evoke a warm and inviting vibe in your home, try to avoid any harsh lighting and stick to warm white bulbs and focus on creating beautiful layers of light. A layered scheme will produce a soft, inviting look, allowing you to focus on brightening any gloomy, dark corners and highlighting any areas you want to showcase. Don’t forget to incorporate elements of natural light too by letting in as many rays as possible during the day.

Cosy up with different textures

Winter is all about layering, especially in the home. It’s time to incorporate soft, cosy and comfortable textures, creating a space which is comfortable and welcoming. Soft furnishings are essential when it comes to creating these comforting winter vibes, so start experimenting with an array of cushions and throws which can easily be thrown over sofas, benches and beds, giving you a warm safe haven to snuggle into. To really bring the space to life, layer up different fabrics, textures and colours which will evoke the perfect amount of warmth and mellow.

new cosy interior

Introduce new aromas

From candles and diffusers, the feel of a room can easily be transformed with some gorgeous new seasonal scents. Soothing smells of cinnamon and spices match the winter landscape outdoors and is a great way to change the ambience of your interior and introduce the new season into your home. Scented candles are now available in almost every aroma imaginable. Find your favourite scent and introduce this by simply using a candle, or even diffusers, essential oils or wax melts; nothing will make the space feel more inviting.

Cover up cold floors

Nobody enjoys constantly stepping on cold, bare floors, and these surfaces can feel especially chilly during the winter months. As the temperature continues to drop, a warm and inviting rug is such a great option for households. We have already mentioned about the importance of layering in the winter, so with a gorgeous rug, this is going to take the chill off any cold floors and inevitably make the space feel much warmer. Not only this, but you really have the opportunity to experiment with different materials and layers, bringing a lot of variety to your interior. It will make getting up on cold, dark mornings much more pleasant.