Your Inko Journey

At Inko we consult with you at every stage to ensure that furnished property exceeds your expectations. Our five stage process brings dreams to life:

At Inko we consult with you at each stage to ensure that every interior design exceeds your expectations. Our five stage process brings a vision to life:

Stage 1: We respond to your brief with an initial look and feel design, which reflects the era of the property, lifestyle of the tenant, desired mood and price point. This is our first opportunity to test out ideas and options that will inspire our design.

Stage 2: The moodboard builds on the look and feel by proposing firm options for colours, furniture choice, fabrics, textures and finishing touches. This is where the design really comes to life, with each of the elements contributing to a unique, high-impact but liveable design. Our robust sourcing ensures that the moodboard presents deliverable options, whatever the time frame.

Stage 3: As we get to the point of selecting all of the elements that will go into the property, we share samples and swatches to help finalise our choice. Wherever in the world you might be, this stage ensures that you are hands-on with the materials to be used and have a true sense of their quality, durability and impact.

Stage 4: The all important survey sees our experienced team visit and evaluate the property. From measuring doorways and windows, through to speaking to the concierge about access, the survey ensures that installation is problem free.

Stage 5: Installation is handled by our professional team and closely managed by Inko designers. Whether furniture is made bespoke by our joiners or delivered fully assembled, ours is a true turnkey solution. This means that the finished property is left immaculately clean, perfectly dressed and that all wrappings are disposed of. The result is a totally-liveable space that delivers the wow factor.