Amenity Spaces

Amenity spaces are one of the key trends shaping modern apartment living. Much loved by young residents they provide an extra dimension to urban living: more space to enjoy and entertain in, and exciting additional facilities. Critically they attract buyers and tenants and support premium property prices.

The Inko team flexes its creative and logistical muscles when it comes to amenity spaces. From games rooms to tropical zen spaces, peaceful hotel lounges to rooms for dogs: the team immerses itself in any brief in order to deliver uniquely inspiring designs.

Fulfilling the dream is all part of the service. Furnishings are selected for their practicality, to maximise the use of space and for durability. The design and install teams work as one to ensure a high-standard fit-out, with clever design touches used to excite and inspire potential residents. Our amenity spaces deliver inspiration: driving potential residents to make the right choice.