Royal Wharf


Folio challenged Inko to redesign their marketing suite to coincide with the launch of their fresh and fun rebrand. This suite gives potential tenants their first impression of the Folio BTR brand. Being a marketing suite, it was very important for the design to be both functional (with plenty of storage) and stylish.


Folio’s branding is full of fun. From the colour to the logo and the tone of voice, it's young, fresh and uses bold colours to target a market of young, vibrant people looking to rent. We wanted to reflect the brand’s stand-out DNA in this room.


We decided to go bold and have some fun with colour. Deep-black paint is the backdrop to a gallery wall full of bold local East London art. Function and form meet in a shelving unit that houses carefully-curated quirky accessories in pink, blue and yellow, as well as neon letter lights. Bespoke built-in carpentry makes use of the space and layout in the best way, creating a functional working area that works as well as it looks.