Fizzy Hayes


Fizzy Living encourages communal living in its Millennial-focused developments. How to create distinct themes in communal areas was the Fizzy Hayes brief for INKO. The site – built over an old vinyl record factory – has five communal spaces, four entrances and one party room all in need of definition and delivery. Fizzy prides itself on being more than just a flat and wanted us to create a community offering that would help them attract the younger market who are more likely to rent where there are more amenities on site.


Fizzy wanted INKO to design the communal spaces due to the higher budget than the development’s apartments.  Each entrance had a theme, plus there was a reading area, dog room (Fizzy is big on pets), a tropical zen space and a games room. A separate party room is a space for tenants to hire out for parties and get togethers. The task was complicated by the fact that the spaces were small and all the same boxy shape, so we had to think inspiring ways to make them feel unique. In particular the party room was an unusual shape and had to include a TV, stackable tables/chairs and a photobooth.


We created six unique areas. The reading space has a private nook created with shelving. The dog room includes all the equipment an owner could need, with a big inflatable sausage dog balloon. The tropical room features a live moss wall with personalised neon signage and the games room includes a space saving three-way games table and board games with padlock access. The party room is out-and-out funky drawing on the site’s record factory history, the furniture is movable making it perfect for all different sort of parties. There is also a hanging light photobooth. INKO also dressed the influencer apartment, which features key pieces from the Hatch furniture pack enabling the influencer to give a real review on the pieces, but with cool upgrades and wallpapers.


Understanding Fizzy’s unique personality and the distinct needs of its young tenants helped us to get this project right first time. The budget was capped but managed effectively to ensure that every penny created the desired impact.  Critically, our work ensures that this site stands out from the rest in the area: the communal spaces have become a real talking point even with other developers and quotes from tenants (logged on homeviews) supports the importance of the work:

“I am a massive fan of the games area where I have enjoyed many games of table tennis and pool with my friends who have come to visit us”

“The little lobbies are a great touch! Very welcoming and modern”

“The communal spaces, both inside and out, are absolutely stunning”