Do you provide a survey of each property?
Yes, we survey your property prior to installation to make sure that the furniture and colour schemes maximise potential.

Do you provide a service for large-scale developments?
Yes, we cater for both one-off properties and larger developments. Please click here to view our case study on a 496 unit development in Manchester.

What does the price include?
The price includes a consultation, a survey of the property, furniture, installation, and a photography service post-installation so you can retain images of the finished property.

Are there any additional charges?
A discretionary delivery charge may be applicable on some items. We also offer a removals service on request which will incur a fee.

Is there a design fee for bespoke interior design schemes?
We charge a design fee for any bespoke interior design projects. The fee is proportionate to the size of the scheme and is entirely at our discretion. The fee is to be paid directly to Hatch Interiors before any design work can commence. The design fee will be refunded from the final cost once full payment for the commissioned scheme has been received.

How much is the deposit?
We ask for 50% of the quote plus VAT as a deposit.

When should I pay my deposit?
We work on a first come, first served basis and therefore it is best to pay your deposit as soon as you have agreed on your furniture selection and avoid disappointment on choices. we cannot book the installation until you have paid your deposit. 

When is the balance payable?
The balance is payable on completion of all the work, including installation, flooring and window dressing. We will send you an invoice up to 7 days after completion.

How can I pay?
We accept payment via bank transfer or cheque. We also accept card payments over the phone. 

When does installation take place?
We look to install your furniture as soon as possible after legal completion of the sale. We will need payment of the deposit and confirmation of access to your property.

How long does it take to furnish the apartment?
Our experienced team fits all furniture in one day.

Do I need to be at the property for the installation?
No, you do not need to at the property; we will merely need confirmation of access. We can liaise directly with your appointed agent, whether it be an estate agent or developer. We will send you photographs of the completed property.

Can I see the furniture before it is installed?
We have numerous show homes around London and are constantly adding to this list. If you would like to arrange a visit, please contact the office on 01992 574488 for more details.

What choice of furniture is on offer?
We have five furniture ranges: Oldfield, Richmond, Westwood, Redfern and Bailey. Please click here for more information and to view the pieces available. There is a degree of choice within these ranges, with the Westwood range offering the greatest flexibility. It is possible to upgrade to certain pieces and complete your property with the Total Elements Pack; please speak to your project manager for a quote.

Is it possible to choose pieces from different ranges?
Yes, you can choose to upgrade to pieces from another range and we will adjust the quote accordingly.

What colour schemes are on offer?
Our soft furnishings come with a choice of four colours schemes: mono, urban, zen, cosmo. Please click here to view these packs.

What is a media unit?
The media unit provides storage for your entertainment system. Please click here for details on our Entertainment Pack, available as an optional extra.

What size are the beds?
This depends on the range you purchase. The Oldfield and Richmond ranges comes with double beds as standard. The Westwood range offers a king size bed for the master bedroom and double beds for additional rooms. It is possible to upgrade the bed size; please speak with your project manager.

Do you provide window dressing? How long does it take?
Yes, we provide curtains, blinds and voiles. This service takes between ten to fourteen working days after measurements. Please click here for more information on window dressing.

Do you provide flooring? How long does it take?
Yes, we provide bespoke flooring in carpet, tile, laminate and wood. Depending on the size of your property, this can be laid and finished in two to three working days. Please click here for more information on flooring.

Do you provide outdoor furniture?
Yes, we offer a bistro set which consists of an outdoor table and two chairs. We can also provide extra outdoor furnishings for a terrace or winter garden; please speak to your project manager for more details.

Does the furniture come with a warranty?
All furniture and appliances are of the highest quality to ensure durability. All furniture provided in our furniture packages come with a 2-year warranty.

Is everything checked for health and safety?
Yes, both furniture and installation are in accordance with UK health and safety requirements. We include documents certifying this with electrical appliances.